Chicken Stock

Every kitchen needs a good chicken stock. Whether you buy chicken stock or make your own you want to have one made from pure, all natural ingredients. All our stocks have the pure delicious flavour you want with none of the Salt, additives or numbers found in cheap supermarket stocks. 

Whether you're braising, making soups or delicious risottos Bone Roasters Chicken Stock will have your tastebuds loving you.

Our Chicken Stock has a lovely golden colour from being carefully simmered for 12 hours then filtered, producing a clear and clean golden brown stock. Our Chicken Stock is up to 3 times more concentrated than other Chicken stocks available in supermarkets and food stores, so 500 grams goes a long way.

Ingredients: Filtered water, Fresh Chicken Frames. 

** Our chicken frames are hormone, steroid and GMO free. No flavour enhancers, salt or numbers added.

500gm pouch.

These products are shelf stable and must be refrigerated after opening.

Need inspiration? See our recipes for chicken stock

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